These Will Make You Think. See it!


Art can be the mirror for the society, at least what Valay Shende has shown us. His Arts were hard hitting bouncers for us. All of his art has some Social satire.

He provokes our emotions by carefully crafting his art to us. His recent exhibition, Migrating Histories of Molecular Identities, has life-sized works that represent objects and situations around us.

He has used our everyday images from his unique perspective to underline certain vital social issues.

He has made this with thousands of discs made of metal. Viewers see their reflection in each of these highly reflective discs, thus becoming a part of it.

Valay Shende  Valay Shende

In the above picture he depicted The Transit, carrying 22 men, women and children on their way from one work site to another in a truck.

They are stuck in a timeless transit.

This exhibition, which was Shende’s largest one yet, took him four years to complete. It has been exhibited in Rome, Lyon and Mumbai.

 Valay Shende

Above: A bull has been made with discs. Bulls help farmers in their cultivation process. It helps him till the field and can be yoked onto a cart for transport.

This is a satire where bull i.e, farmers has been hunted by an increasingly consumption-based society.

The base has photographs photographs of small farmers in Maharashtra who toil unsuccessfully to eke out a living.


This is a modified cycle with Kerosene tank at the back. These were used as the source of supplying kerosene to the poor, who lined up their cans to buy kerosene.


These are not salt or pepper shakers but one is the ashes of Narsinghlu Rukmawar, a poor farmer from Vidarbha, who committed suicide because he could not feed his family and the other contains soil from Rukmawar’s field.

Source : Satish Bodas/Rediff