8 Reasons, Why New Political Parties May Fail


8 reasons why new party fail

Now-a-days, whenever a politician, have a Hard COLA, they feel like saying “Aaj Kuch Toofani Karte hai-Kyun!!!” and they float their own new Political Party, on that very day.

Is creating a new Party is very easy or whether they feel, that we Indians can be fooled any time??

Today, its a common phenomena to make a new party every now or then. What’s this? How many parties we are going to see? Most of them fail miserably because of their inadequate abilities.

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Let’s see, Why New Political Parties Fail in general:

1. Idhar Ka Udhar

8 Reasons, Why New Political Parties May Also Fail


Members do commonly switch from one party to another Party. So new party have some old chaps. They switched not because of ethics but of their unfulfilled personal desires from the party. “Yeh aadan pradaan ki pratha sadiyon se chali aa rahi hai.

2. Sabse Bada Rupaiya

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Since new Members might not be wealthy enough, so they are most likely to make most of their opportunity and would take easy way to create wealth. Their core objective is to gain and acquire wealth at any cost.

3. Bhai-Bhatijavaad



Mama’s, Chacha’s, Kaka’s, Uncles’s, Friends and relatives will always ask them for a favor. It becomes tough for them to ignore these requests. They want to create a big circle of their personal trusty people to manage their office.

4. Naach Na Jaane Aangan Tedha



First they promise for everything that is unrealistic and then will be giving lame excuses for not fulfilling them. They lure us with false promises and take our votes. They themselves don’t know how to fulfill these promises. Yet, they keep on blaming other people or system for not able to fulfill their promise.

5. Tumhi Ho Mata, Pita tumhi ho “Bureaucrats”



Without IAS, Collectors and Bureaucrats, cannot move a step. They don’t possess adequate abilities required to run Government and make policies. They can be manipulated easily. They hardly have any Political experience to go with. They are newly elected and cannot solve the problems easily. They usually don’t have a sound administrating abilities.

6. Around the world well………as early as possible


Its time for them to enjoy their life and they start World Tours. This is the best opportunity for them to tour in 7 Star Hotels and cruises.

7. Kal ho na ho

Every five years, there will be election and who knows “Kal Ho Na Ho”. So create as much wealth possible in this 5 year period, so that rest of the life becomes richer and lead a luxurious life. “Saaton pust baith kar khayegi”

8. Lekin….Yeh Public Hai, Yeh Sab Jaanti Hai



Lastly, we might be illiterate, ignorant, simple-leaving, generous, patient, liberal etc. But we can’t tolerate these things for long. One day, we will definitely snatch your seats and get you onto the ground. Don’t mess with the common men.

And what Sharukh Khan quotes “Don’t understand the power of a common man”