Do You Know how many People ‘made 41% of donations’?


Source: Yahoo UK

Yeah…!! Just 76 people in Britain over the last five years have accounted for 41% of donations to the political parties of Britain.

Just 76 people accounted for 41% of all individual and corporate donations made to the political parties and other political causes in Britain over the past five years, it has been reported.

It was published in The first Sunday Times Political Rich List, this weekend. 25 individuals had donated more than £1 million each, this accounted for close to 28% of £174.4 million donated between 2010 and 2014.

The first name on the list is by Scottish EuroMillions lottery winners Colin and Chris Weir who together gave £6.5 million to the SNP and the Yes Scotland campaign, the paper said.

Then followed by:

City financier Lord Farmer  –   £5 million to the Conservatives

JCB chairman Lord Bamford and other members of his family – Combined total of £3.6 million.

Lord Sainsbury of Turville – £3.5 million

David Rowland (Conservatives, £3.4 million),

Sir Brian Souter (SNP/Yes Scotland, £2.1 million),

James Lupton (Conservatives £2.1 million),

Sir Michael Hintze (Conservatives, £1.9 million),

Lord Verjee (Liberal Democrats, £1.8 million) and

Lord Edmiston (Conservatives, £1.5 million).